My two most frequently asked questions

My Frequently Asked Questions

I was on Future Radio and the two frequently asked questions, I am asked the most (especially from non-comic people) both came up. This is not a bad point and I’m not annoyed. However, I thought I would cover them both here today in case anyone here was wondering.


Me with Richard Maun on Business Life

Me with Richard Maun on Future Radio’s Business Life (Shoutout to co-host Anna Stevenson!)

“Do you draw the comics yourself?”

No. I have never drawn any of the comics. With the original comics, we were running out of time before a convention so there are some issues where I did the lettering in order to finish them off and you can tell. We have been lucky to work with an incredible team of artists. So much so we had to do a full video to give them the credit they deserve!


We also have interviews with some of the creators on the site, including our “Meet The Team” section.

“How do you make money from this?”

This one inevitably comes up at networking, and this is reasonable as whether you are a financial adviser, graphic designer or artisan chocolatier this is something we all have to work on. There are different aspects to this, and truth be told there has been an element of trial and error when it comes to the financial side. So let’s take everything bit by bit


We have been lucky to have a number of sponsors, who have helped us with costs such as going to conventions, printing, the website and so forth. For £25 a month, you can be included in social media shoutouts, promotion at events like London MCM and Norcon or as the special shoutout on certain videos (such as our recent review of Captain Marvel, more info here).


Like any comic we have merchandise, and you can support us through purchasing the comics and other items through our shop. Our comics are also available through Canary Comics, Jarrolds, Beccles Books and as part of the Comichaus app (described as “Netflix for indie comics”)

Reynard City Canary Comics

Comics currently available at Canary Comics on the Norwich market


Warp King Saffire

More Warp King mystery choc coming soon!

We already talked about the Warp King mystery flavour in a previous Saffire blog (have another look here). We are very lucky to have dedicated backers on Patreon, a monthly crowdfund site that allows us to give more money to artists. Ko-Fi is also recent addition, ideal for people who just want to give one off donations (Paypal being another option.)


Our rewards for different platforms include exclusive short stories, artwork and videos, as well as sneak previews before anyone else. For $10 a month on Patreon we do what we call a “Fox Box”. This is similar to Loot Crate only instead of a theme we put in items from local businesses. As well as items we think backers will like and send it out to them. Furthermore, our comics are printed via local printers and we do as much as we can to support local businesses around us.


We also did an Indiegogo campaign that last year, which allowed us to do a print run of Reynard City Chronicles #1.  This year we are doing something slightly different. For £100 you can get a cameo appearance in Reynard City Chronicles #2. Plus you will also get an exclusive Fox Box, a copy of Reynard City Chronicles Issue 2 and exclusive sneak previews before anyone else. This was originally four slots, but thanks to Rev701 and Leigh Reeves there are now only two left (secure yours with the Paypal link now!)

Why is this important?

Going back to the two questions, the first one ties into the second. I can’t do this project on my own, and the people who work on it deserve support. If you can support us, whether it’s $1 or $100, it’s massively appreciated. We have some big plans this year, but most of all we want to get to a point where we can support our artists and carry this on without needing crowdfunding. Can do it purely through the money we make from the comic.

I just want to say a big thank you to Saffire for letting us write this and all the support they have given our project as well.

For more info on Reynard City go to our website or if you have any further questions comment below or email

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