Ecuadorian 70% DARK Single Origin Bar


A gorgeous introduction into Vegan Friendly Dark chocolate

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Ecuadorian 70% Dark

Ecuadorian 70% DARK chocolate is produced by a unique blend of cacao grown on the norther borders of this South American country. The cacao also known as ‘Black Gold’ and contains NO ADDED MILK. This chocolate is for the connoisseur who appreciates the deep and distinctive flavours of single origin chocolate from Ecuador. It has a very rich, bitter taste with sour tones, accompanied by aromatic hints of jasmine and tea.

To really enjoy luxury chocolates, it takes time to really appreciate it. DO NOT rush when eating a piece of chocolate.

Firstly, place a small piece of the chocolate onto your tongue, so it can mellow with your taste buds. At first you will get a hit of strong dark chocolate, but as it melts the flavours will change. This is then followed by the slight floral taste which comes from the beans that are used. The taste and sensation will linger inside of your mouth for a while after eating. If you like your chocolate deep with strong flavours. Then this bar is undoubtedly the chocolate for you! I’m sure you will really appreciate our exquisite 70% Ecuadorian single origin bar! The cocoa beans used in this chocolate have been ethically grown in Ecuador If your bar has a Graffiti surface decoration this is produced by using coloured cocoa butter that is entirely edible and contains no animal produce Average weight 95g per bar.
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