Guest Blog-Reynard City – The Warp King Taste Test

Warp King

Warp King picture by Dan Butcher

Who are we?

Rob Turner (also known as “Will Turner”) is the writer/producer of Reynard City. The new graphic novel Reynard City Chronicles is now available on their website, as well as in Jarrolds, Canary Comics And Collectibles at Norwich market and Beccles Books (for more information go to

Reynard City is about three superhero foxes who come to Earth to stop an evil robot fox. They are brought there through the warp. A dimension between time and space that can produce strange effects! The gatekeeper of this dimension is The Warp King, a strange creation that looks like a mix of Willy Wonka and The Terminator. Personality-wise is a mix of Wonka, Mad Hatter and a bit of Sergeant Bilko thrown in!

Working with Saffire

So what does this have to do with chocolate? We wanted to work with Saffire on a unique chocolate flavour. Warp King seemed ideal, as we thought it would be interesting to create something that would reflect his bizarre nature. We talked about using popping candy, bubblegum and so forth. Before finally settling on a bar that would look like one thing and taste like another! When I was young this happened quite a lot; using odd food colouring to confuse people and make people get confused about a taste (eg adding blue food colouring to baked beans).

The Warp King mystery flavour

The Warp King mystery flavour- can you guess it from the picture?

What was interesting is that we played a game on Future Radio’s Norwich Hour show and asked people to guess the flavour based on the picture. We made it clear that Warp King is a trickster and that this was not what you might expect. Guesses ranged from ice cream to bubble gum, while others started to get wacky with ideas like gravy or rubber tyres. (Yes we wanted it to be different but we wanted it to be nice, we’re not the bad guys here!)

Now, it’s reasonable to say “But that’s a picture, how is anyone supposed to guess that?” And that’s not unfair. So we did indeed do a taste test; around 25 people tasted the bar and were asked to guess, including a number of friends from the local networking group Norwich Kitty. Raspberry was the most common guess, others came up with bubble gum, ice cream or watermelon. Only three managed to guess it first time (If you want to order this chocolate and play along, skip over the next paragraph!)


The Warp King mystery flavour was in fact…BANANA. What was even weirder is one of my housemates tried the banana flavour before and refused to believe it was the answer, insisting there was raspberry in it!

Honestly, I recommend getting this chocolate as it is so much fun to see people guessing. Furthermore, Saffire have done an awesome job creating a whole bunch of different flavours. I look forward to ordering more for when we next head out to conventions.

Reynard City Chronicles #1

Reynard City Chronicles #1 now available at

If you would like to try this, then you can order a package alongside Reynard City Chronicles from our shop page. Alternatively, you can also support us via Patreon, Paypal (£100 for our Issue 2 cameo package) or Ko-Fi from just $1 a month for a whole bunch of exclusive extras. Big thanks to Saffire for all their support, will be doing some more blogs soon!






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